Wedding Initiation Ceremony      











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“Ma’pacci” is a wedding ceremonial initiation (which is carried out at night) in Bugis ethnic. Most of the groom and bride undergone initiation which is meant as an admiration to groom and bride, as well as a prayer to God The All Mighty for better life and harmony for the couple. “Ma’pacci” merupakan salah satu rangkaian upacara perkawinan adat di tanah bugis. Bagi calon pengantin terlebih dahulu dilakukan upacara “ma’pacci” sebagai tanda penghormatan dan penghargaan terhadap calon pengantin. Dimaksudkan pula sebagai upacara berdoa kepada Allah SWT semoga pasangan pengantin tersebut rukun dalam hidupnya.

Liling   Daung Pacci   

 Daung Otti    Daung Panasa 





  Golla Cella  



Candle   Lawsonia Leves      

  Banana Leaves    

 Jack Fruit Leaves      




  Palm Sugar      

 Coconut Meat    

  Bowl, or Hand Basin   

Lilin     Daun Pacar      

 Daun Pisang      

 Daun Nagka      




Gula Merah      







Each of the ornaments used in Mappaci has its own significance or valuable meaning. It is employed as charismatic in ancient Bugis tradition. For instance the pillow is the place where our head is rest when we get sleep. Our head is the higher position or prestigious from all part of the body. The significant meaning is that hopefully the couple would respect each other in the future.



The Sarong indicates diligence and patience which is associated with its weaver, beside the sarong is also used to cover genitals (aurat). Consequently, the significant meaning is that in life of being a couple (married) we need to be diligence and patience in working for household expenses (money) as well as for clothing
The banana leaves have the meaning as that the banana has a lot of used for human being. The significant is that hopefully the couple will be useful to their society.  


The jack fruit leaves have the meaning that the jack fruit has a flower which shape is straight and in Bugis is called “lempu” = lEPu which is meant honest. The significant is that wishing the couple bears integrity in their life


The Lawsonia Inermis leaves have the meaning that the couple should purify their body and soul, for the man is to strengthening his love to the woman. Such also for the woman will do the same for her man. They should not break up their mind and their love to each other.  




Though, the are used to light in the darkness. The main meaning is that the couple would be helpful to the society. Palm sugar and coconut meat imply that the couple would be sweet and pleasant within their family, living in harmonious on the earth.