Lejja Hot Spring Pool

Permandian Alam Air Panas ‘Lejja’

Lejja hot spring is one of the topmost tourism objects visited by domestic
and foreign tourist. It is located in the canyon, within the sanctuary
forest, which is beautiful, cool, and fresh scenery, in Parish of Bulue,
district of Marioriawa. About 44 KM in the North of Watansoppeng, or about
14 KM from the capital of district Marioriawa. The temperature of Lejja hot spring is about 60 degree Celcius, with 1,5% sulphur content, that able to cure some illness such as rheumatic and itchy.

This tourism objects is also completed with some facilities such as clean
water, electricity, parking area, a pool to submerge , guest house, tennis
court, and baruga wisata (meeting hall). Baruga wisata is a special meeting house with some bed rooms suitable for visitor who want to stay overnight.

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