To the Market


Soon after the merry proposal occasion, it is the time to go shopping in the market to buy
the materials to be used and also to be consumed during the wedding party.

Families are coming to support the wedding party.

The shopping list is ready, listed the materials like the seasoning for meat, such as,
coriander, pepper, cinnamon, etc.

 There also some families baking cake to be served in the initiation night and during
the wedding day.
Bugis cake that is known as Barongko very much to be likely a traditional cake during
the wedding party, because there is a relationship of the cake which is made of banana to Bugis Poetry as cited.

The expression in the poetry could be elaborated as:


gellang ri watang majjekko    =   em     =   me       or  meng  =   mata pancing          

anrena menre E                   = 
lok  =   loka                          =   pisang

atinna unnyi E                      =  
ridi=   ridi                            =   kunig


the whole sense emlok ri aidi”  = aku suka kamu = “I like you”


golla na kaluku, macenning na malunra,

 Palm sugar and coconut, sweet and pleasing,

it is meant that hopefully the couple will be happy in their life.